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Its founder Victor Chinn established Training Within Industry in 1985. During the late 1970, s Victor moved to Africa from England and carried out development work for the various national training boards in South Africa. Having been trained in The UK it was very evident to Victor that far too much emphasis was being placed on teaching courses in classroom situations and not enough emphasis on LEARNING JOB COMPETENCY at the workplace.

Victor experienced Supervision attending courses at teaching institutions with very little meaningful job competency being learned.

Acorn © Supervisor Training
In 1985 Victor formed TRAINING WITHIN INDUSTRY to do something about lifting productivity in Africa. In 1985 Victor Chinn and his team established the Supervisor training programme Acorn ©, a first in Production training in Southern Africa. The Supervisor learned this programme on the job as she practiced her daily craft. As the supervisor learned each competency to mastery she quickly developed confidence to take on other tasks and slowly her productivity increased.

A phenomenon in Learning at the time, Acorn © was to become the flagship programme for TWI and train over 2500 Supervisors Internationally over the next 15 years.

Eton Systems of Sweden - Unit Production handling systems
In 1994 Eton systems of Sweden approached TWI with a view to them representing their Quick Response Technology - on the African Continent. A marriage was made, since the philosophies were identical, lifting productivity at the workplace with the latest interface in handling systems.

Since 1994 TWI have installed over 1100 workstations in Southern Africa and trained over 1200 operators in its use, lifting productivity in some cases over 40%, and giving our clients a payback in less than 2 years.

In 1996, TWI went on to develop the same methodology of learning at the workplace in, WORK STUDY and to this day Victor Chinn leads the programme world wide assisting companies to set international targets at the work place for operators.

Sewing Machine Mechanic Training
1999 saw the introduction of SEWING MACHINE, MECHANIC training, and mechanics for the first time in Africa learned their craft in their own workshop with their own machines on their own production lines.

Management Mentorship with Acorn ©
Management training was introduced as a necessity in the year 1999 as more and more managers requested us to train them in Managing their Supervisors to sustain productivity in the Apparel Industry; it is now common practice to train the line managers together with his own supervisors on Acorn ©. Previously MANAGERS had experienced very little mentorship in their own craft.

In 2001 Training Within Industry has a record of implementing productivity improvement programmes in the Clothing, Textile, Shoe, Furniture and car industry worldwide, implementing programmes in South Africa, Zimbabwe, United Kingdom, Thailand Sweden, Germany and Romania.

The way forward for TWI is that we will continue to implement learning at the workplace in the Apparel Industry , however we have encountered a greater interest to take our methodologies worldwide to the industry. We will strive to lift productivity by teaching Supervisors to DO THE RIGHT THINGS and to DO THE RIGHT THINGS RIGHT by assisting them to be comfortable in their jobs by becoming more relaxed in the knowledge that if they apply simple basic leadership skills productivity will result.



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