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The Checkmate ® is a training aid for lifting productivity. The pacing monitor is placed by the operator and a target is set into the terminal computer.

The operator input switch is placed by the learner and the checkmate is started.

The checkmate will start to indicate to the operator "when" she should have completed her first unit. It indicates to the operator continually what pace she is working at against her target.

A really powerful tool for giving "positive" feedback to your operators on how well they are doing.

How often do you praise your operators?

How often do you monitor your key operations?
Checkmate ® will do it for you.

What is the Payback on a Checkmate?
Your increase in production should pay for your Checkmate ® in less than 2 weeks.

References from Industry
Sorina Placinta - Chief Executive Romania

" Checkmate ® has made a significant impact in our production; in some cases our total line output increases by over 15% in a matter of hours. We have issued one to EACH of our supervisory team"

Graham Parley - General Manager of Triumph International

" The Checkmate © is an excellent tool for motivating sewing operators to reach 1st world pace. The secret in sewing to get the operator to believe she can achieve the target. The Checkmate ® accomplishes that in a very friendly way. I recommend them for operator training in any training environment or piecework system to increase earnings"
      Michelle De Beer - Sewing Operator : I never believed I could hit my target, until I went onto Checkmate. I now find I can pace myself through out the day, and achieve my output comfortable. I love it!    
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