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The Eton Handling System for Clothing Production
The Benefits
  • Increased output by over 25%
  • Decreased work in process
  • Improved quality by reacting to quality faults faster
  • Increased operator earnings
  • Reduced absenteeism

  Sewing is all about Handling. Research has shown that 80% of the sewing   cycle is handling and only 20% is sewing.

The Ergonomics
      The Eton system reduces that handling eliminating the bundle. Here' s how ..    
The Eton production handling system works like a 3rd hand around the sewing operator. The work piece is presented to the operator in the correct manner every time so that operator-sewing skill is maximized and operator fatigue is decreased. The system is fully automatic and addresses the work piece to the next operator in the sequence so that operator utilization is kept extremely high. Automatic Line Balancing

The Control
In 3rd world countries where discipline and production control is essential Eton brings a new dimension into the business leapfrogging development 50 years. The Eton information system informs you in real time where in the business you are making money and where you are losing it.

  • Automatic line balancing to send high performing operators the greater amount of work feed,
  • sorting of colours and sizes
  • Information on order updates
Why are businesses investing in the Eton System?
  • Pay back of less than 2 years
  • Increased output from the same people
  • Better organization
  • Quicker response to the customer for export delivery
  • Enhanced operator skill making training easier
Training Within Industry Turn Key Support
Training Within Industry will carry out a full analysis of your production at present, with an experienced production engineer on site for 3 days. A team in Sweden will go to work on assessing your handling component of manufacture and designing a system to maximize output. A full report analysing the new work methods and the savings to be made will be produced for the customer by the Eton and TWI team.

Construction is carried out by an experienced TWI staff engineer who trains your own engineer on site as he builds the system. He undergoes full intensive training in fixing faults and using and servicing your Eton system. Then our experienced TWI production team goes to work.

Production Run In
Our Eton trained TWI staff production trainers train your management and supervision how to get the best result from your investment. Working closely with your operators our run-in staff train each operator in the best method and each supervisor in the soft wear.

      We hold your hand until your investment is secured and the result is achieved    

What our customers say . . . . .

" Our Eton system has given our production team a greater control over their production information. The Eton system with its software has assisted our business to have greater control over our product costs and lead times. The system has achieved incredible returns as far as our business is concerned and it is our intention to equip our whole business with Eton in the future"

Jorrie Jordaan - chief executive of Allwear and the Waverley group.

" The job of sewing is all about reducing handling- in our business Household textiles handling is a major component of the work cycle [ more than 80%] The Eton system has not only saved us 50% space in our business but increase our output to a significant degree , reducing our need to increased our output. We are pleased with our investment and Eton is part of our overall plan for the future".

Ray Eachus - Managing director of Sheraton Household Textiles.

      If you would like to be trained on the Eton system, contact us now    
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Learnerships undertaken outside of Cape Town will bear the additional cost of Travel & Accommodation for our Trainers
At Eton Systems,we work closely with our customers to design and build a UPS solution that is entirely based on each customer's unique operating conditions and requirements.

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