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Linemate Production Team Display
Increase your production output! Give instant feedback to your management & operators. React quickly to performance & quality problems.

What is the Linemate?

For years in Industry, managers have frustrated over obtaining production information on time. The knowledge of "where we are making money " and "where we are losing money" is the difference between a "focused" organization and one that is always putting out fires. There's a saying at TWI "Tell me how you measure me - and I'll tell you how I behave"

Most supervisors spend a full day working without feeding information back to line management on their results. At the end of the day it's too late to react to the information. Some fortunate companies have production scoreboards that are never filled in on time- which is even worse. There must be a better way.

Linemate was designed by Training Within Industry in 1995 to address the problems associated with collecting real time information. The display is mounted above the production line for all the working team to see [in normal work situations most operators can't see the production information]

As the production is examined by the lines examiner, she presses an input switch if the product is "accepted" if the product is rejected no input is made. In this way a record of the real production is recorded on the display throughout the day for all the team to view.

In addition as the record of ACTUAL production is being recorded, a computer chip is calculating in real time what the TARGET production rate should be for that point in the day, updated every 60 seconds.

In this way a record of "real time" production EFFICIENCY is displayed for all to see every minute.

Motivate your employees!!!!

Every 5 minutes a message is automatically displayed for all the team to see in any one of the 11 South African languages giving feedback to the team on their performance -

" team on target" " what a team " "team below target"

"If you don't know where you are going - you don't know when you arrived"

Payback for the customer! For the Linemate rental

How much is one extra product worth to you?
Well the Linemate will increase your production by at least 10% in most cases. Some clothing companies have produced more than 100 extra units per line per day with linemate. Is that worth $6 a day?

The Linemate pays for its month's rental in the first 3 days of the month.
1 extra jean per day can pay for the linemate rental

2 extra shirts per days pays for your linemate rental

3 extra pairs of shoes per day can pay for the linemate rental

4 extra blouses per day can pay for the linemate rental

5 extra T-shirts per day can pay for the linemate rental

10 extra pairs of panties per days pay for the linemate rental

" If you don't know where you are going you don't know when you've arrived"

Arrive NOW with linemate!

Testimonials on Linemate
" Increased our focus on production and keeps us informed totally throughout our working day"

Craig Turner - operations Executive - Nike Production

"We produce an extra 15% more car seats per day with linemate than without it" After TWI completed the Acorn© Training, Linemate became an integral part of our business information system"

Peter Birbidge - Seat manufacture for BMW (Aunde Car Trim)

" Our employees are always well informed about their performance, the quality feedback information means that we can react to a minor problem before it becomes too great, a necessity in our type of upper end product"

Bobby Bell - Human Resources Executive , Bally Shoes manufacture

"We constantly need to know - where we are making money and where we are losing it , Linemate© production displays give us that immediate feedback" We have them on all of our 27 production lines

Sorina Placinta - Chief Executive , Sorste Romania

" Good leadership is about responding to situations quickly, our Linemate© display is linked to our computer meaning we are always keeping our finger on the pulse of productivity. Our employee earning have increased since we installed Linemates on our production teams. We achieve a payback on the rental in less than 5 days each month.

Lawrence Van De Merwe: Production Director - Alpine Lounge - Furniture manufacturer

"With the linemate © display we can see how the complete team is doing. In that way we know if we are earning bonus and when we need to push a little harder to get the work out"

Gairoo Adams- Operator Knitwear company Cape town

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I understand that I will be bound to a 6 month rental with a one month notice thereafter.
Learnerships undertaken outside of Cape Town will bear the additional cost of Travel & Accommodation for our Trainers
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