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Acorn © Management Development
Most Clothing managers have devoted very little time to their own development.

Acorn © Management Development is a programme of learning for Managers to assist them in understanding how to coach their Supervisors and develop the team to get better results.

How managers learn
Experience has taught us that managers learn best by experiential learning on the job. So the programme is done in company on the sewing floor with the current Supervisory team.

What the programme teaches
  • Managing controls in the sewing area
  • Improving operator performance - boosting technique
  • Improving line performance
  • SISCO analysis on Supervisor behaviour
  • Supervisor Auditing
How long is the Programme
The programme is learner driven. The trainer stays on site until all the competencies are learned and the management team are able to audit supervision successfully in their duties.

Course Cost : $950

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Learnerships undertaken outside of Cape Town will bear the additional cost of Travel & Accommodation for our Trainers
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