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Skill Centre Training
In Company Operator Training School
Most Clothing companies have difficulties in recruiting machinists. They recruit so called "experienced machinists" to find that they are very low in productivity and fail to meet production targets or their quality is very poor. Obviously not the right way to grow a business.

Our philosophy is that each plant should develop its own in-company training school; we call it a Skills Centre. We believe in the concept of the INDUSTRIAL ATHLETE, the gold medallist production worker that performs at exceptional levels of mastery. The skills centre is designed to train those Industrial athletes.

This skills centre has its own Instructress who is trained in Adult learning methodology and has been guided by TWI in the methods of recruitment, selection testing and how to apply the different types of sewing programmes the company needs.

What will the Skills centre do for the business?
  • We will assist you in selecting & training your Instructress from your current workforce.
  • Training Within Industry will train your Instructress in Adult Learning Techniques.
  • We will provide training manuals to follow with methods detailed in Sewing Courses.
  • We will manage your skills centre for you on a periodic basis.
In short we will provide the infrastructure for you to sustain a modern sewing labour force and replenish them as Labour turnover takes its toll.

What our Clients said:
" We couldn't manage our production process without the skills centre that Training Within Industry developed for us in the early 1990,s"

Hugh Winter - Managing Director PEP South Africa.

" Our Skills centre provides us with a constant supply of trained personnel that our high quality production demands. The manuals provided by Training Within Industry and the techniques they taught us are still being used by our Trainer, 5 years after they installed them"

Fred Rees - Production Director of Triumph International

What I hear I will Forget - What I see I will Remember but what I do I will UNDERSTAND

 Course Cost
 Basic Overlock manual & Training for Instructor $4 500
 Basic Lockstitch manual & Training for Instructor $4 500
 Sewing operation courses developed in house $1 000
Skills Centre Training Form
 Personal Details
 I need to set up my training school now!
A basic Lockstich Course
A basic Overlock Course
A test battery for selecting new recruits
A test battery for testing "experienced" machinists
Learnerships undertaken outside of Cape Town will bear the additional cost of Travel & Accommodation for our Trainers
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