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Digital Centiminute Stopwatch
Stopwatch Managers, Work-study engineers, Supervisors and trainers are all charged with the task of measuring how people perform against certain targets.

Our High quality timepieces are specifically made to our design, for Work Study engineers world wide. Our Stopwatch has the following features:

  • Sturdy Rubber casing for Industrial use
  • Audible Bleep on use
  • Cord for Security
  • Clock
  • Memory display
  • Calendar
Our Guarantee
Training Within Industry International are the largest suppliers of Industrial Timepieces in Africa. We can supply you with a stopwatch within 24 hours on receipt of your order.

We guarantee our timepieces for 1 year from date of purchase.

Cost $140

      Delivered by Courier in 24 Hours    
Stopwatch Form
 Personal Details
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Digital Centiminute Stopwatches
Send us an Invoice for the above to arrange Payment.
All our Time pieces are fully guaranteed for a full year from date of purchase, and please note that we need to add to the above the cost of Freight by express post to you with insurance for your timepieces.
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