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Work Study Training
Objectives of the Course
  • Enable the company to set international targets for production
  • Enable the company to cost their production more accurately
  • Enable an equitable system for measuring operator efficiency
  • Improve working methods
  • Improve work flows
  • Lift Productivity
Course Duration
The Training Within Industry programme lasts 5 days on site and teaches the delegate how to do the following:

  • Identify jobs into measurable work elements
  • Use a digital stopwatch to time elements
  • "Rate" operator performance on an international scale 0-100 BSI
  • Apply rest & Fatigue allowances
After the course you will be able to do the following
  • Set operator targets accurately
  • Calculate production targets on an International Benchmark
  • Identify correct working methods
  • Improve work methods
  • Cost Labour intensive jobs in Industry.
Over a period of Time your work study engineer becomes "slack" or "tight" in the setting of his targets. Periodically your engineer should attend a "rating" clinic to get back on track with his Rating of performance.

TWI run rating clinics periodically in your company for a cost of $80 per delegate.

During the 1 day programme your engineer will carry out "rating" exercises and watch sewing films of first world operators. Each "rating" will be checked against that world standard and plotted on rating graphs. In this way your engineer learns how to correct his present perception to the world norm of 100 BSI

Course Cost : $750

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